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Day: January 6, 2023


Is Watermelon Good or Bad For Rabbits?

Yes, in moderation, watermelon can be a healthy treat for rabbits. However, it shouldnot be a substitute for hay or other fresh vegetables and fruits as it is high in sugar.Feeding your rabbit too much watermelon could cause obesity and other health issues.Offer small amounts of the fruit at a time, and watch your rabbit to ensure they do notshow


A Guide to Feeding Rabbits Cabbage Safely

Rabbits can safely eat cabbage as part of a balanced diet. Cabbage is an excellentsource of dietary fibre, vitamins, and minerals, making it a great addition to your rabbit’sdaily meals. However, rabbits should never be fed raw cabbage since it can cause gasand stomach upset in some rabbits. Instead, lightly steamed or cooked cabbage is thesafest and healthiest option. When


The Benefits of Feeding Broccoli to Your Rabbit

Broccoli is an incredibly nutritious vegetable that can benefit your rabbit’s overall health.It provides essential vitamins, minerals, and fibre and helps increase the variety of foodsin your pet’s diet. It’s a great source of antioxidants which help protect against celldamage caused by free radicals.It also contains copper, which helps regulate metabolism and supports the immunesystem. Broccoli also provides an excellent

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