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Pure German Shepherd Dog

The German Shepherd is a medium to the large-sized dog and is recognized for its loyal nature and hardworking traits. It is a very intelligent working dog. This breed was specially developed by Max von Stephanitz, who used different types of German herding dogs since 1899. This dog is also known as an Alsatian dog.

Traits of the German Shepherd

If you look at the physical traits of the German Shepherd, they are as follows

  • Height

These are large dogs, and their height range between 24″to 26″. Height is a little less in the case of female dogs.

  • Weight

The weight of a German Shepherd usually lies between 30 to 40 kg. In female dogs, this weight is between 22 to 32 kg.

  • Coat

The Furr of a naturally present dog on its body is called the coat. Talking about dogs, this coat is further made of two layers. The outer coat avoids dirt and water, whereas the internal soft coat serves as an insulation shield. In the case of German Shepherd, they have a double coat.

  • Color

They are usually of tan color and black saddle. Some dogs are also solid black or bi-color.

  • Life span

It is observed that the life span of a German Shepherd is between 9 to 13 years.

  • The temperament of German dogs

They are very active and curious dogs. They are always on some purpose. That is why they are used for search missions and guarding purposes. They do not become friends with strangers. Also, they are overprotective about their family. These dogs are highly obedient to their owners.

Do German dogs bite?

From research, it has been found that old german shepherd dogs have the severest bite ever. A person who is bitten by a German dog needs emergency medical treatment.

Why are German Shepherd used as Working Dogs?

As these dogs are highly obedient, they are very easy to train and follow all the instructions carefully. The most common purposes for these dogs are police work, tracking criminals, and patrolling suspected places.

If you look at history, these dogs were used as personal guard dogs and messenger dogs in World War II. Military groups train them well to act as anti-tank weapons. Many foreign service members take them home as they are impressed by the intelligence of old german shepherd dogs.

These dogs are also used for detection purposes. They have a high sense of smell, and they continue to work despite all distractions.

The German Shepherd is used for tending sheep saw grazing in meadows near crop fields. They keep on patrolling if the sheep are exceeding the limit and causing damage to crop fields.


 Drawbacks of having a German Shepherd as a pet

There are many motivations behind why the German Shepherd can not be used as a pet. These are as follows

  1. German dogs become medically ill very fast. They are usually prone to certain ailments.
  2. They have a bad habit of shedding a lot.
  3. Old German Shepherd dogs are quite aggressive and can bite you if not fully trained.
  4. As they are exceptionally fiery, they require a lot of activities.
  5. These dogs also suffer from separation anxiety.
  6. You will have to give them a very large space.
  7. Sometimes they do not accept your dominance.
  8. German Shepherd is also very expensive

Does an Old German Shepherd dog exist?

According to research, old german shepherd dogs do not exist now. It is not an independent breed. They were actually a variant of the German shepherd dog. The old german shepherd dog is normally recognized as a long-haired dog with very heavy and long fur on their bodies.

Types of German Shepherd

There are the various accompanying sorts of German Shepherd :

  • Saddle coat German Shepherd dog
  • Sable German Shepherd dog
  • Black German Shepherd dog
  • White German Shepherd dog
  • Panda German Shepherd dog

These dogs are discussed in detail as follows

Saddle coat German Shepherd dog

This is a very common type of German Shepherd. They are usually of two colors. They have been named saddle coats because there is a part of black fur on their back called saddle. Its shape resembles to saddle of a horse.

The second color of this dog can be red or tan. It is usually considered that dog with more sharp color is more attractive and wins various competitions. But the tail of these dogs is also black in color.

Sable German shepherd dog

These dogs have multi-colored hair on their bodies, giving them a unique appearance. The color becomes stronger as they grow old. Color varies from tan, black, and red to gold.

Black and white German shepherd dog

This solid color german shepherd is less common than saddle black german shepherd. Their temperament is not affected by their color. These dogs are easily selected in competitions.

Panda German shepherd dog

This is not a very common type of dog. Their appearance resembles other dogs very much. That is why they are often confused with other breeds. They are not a result of a mixed breed; hence they are pure german shepherd dogs. They have white legs and abdomen, whereas other parts are black in color. That is why they are named panda german shepherd dog. They are considered ideal pets for families. But there is great controversy about these pets that they are considered inferior compared to other breeds.

Living Needs of German Shepherd Dog

These dogs are trained hard for different purposes, but their needs are similar to family dogs. They need enough exercise to be physically fit. That is why homes with large fences are quite suitable for them. These dogs are very loyal by nature, so they can sacrifice everything for the love of their favorite humans. They need a place to show their power and utilize energy.

To handle these dogs, very strong training is required. These dogs remain very happy in the company of a loving owner. Therefore, before having a german shepherd dog, you must consider your lifestyle and how much time you can dedicate to this dog.

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